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Can questions and codes be combined? Folks already place their codes in the questions thread despite the rules anyway. Or make the codes thread its own daily/weekly scheduled article together with another ones and maintain the questions thread. I think those threads are fine and all, although the fact that they take precedence over important news or events is weird.
I mean it's your choice. Do you want more rules and to need to track the subreddit more? Or do you need to leave it as is and continue to threat the hostility in the comments on the more controversial posts such as the memorial + edited pics posts, which would likewise need to be monitored more?
Or do you need users to have the expectation that everything they want can be found in certain threads on a certain schedule? I think it works out nicely for another subreddits that take action. And honestly, to me, setting up automod to run the threads then just monitoring the decrease quantity of articles sounds like less work.
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