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There are also a couple of other locations you could use, like the multiple spawns that are located a bit to the to the south of the lava maze 40 wildy. It is always deserted, however full of Revenants, and accessible only through the portals. Additionally, there are the level 13 ones to the north of Falador. The Varrock ones are best used in the wild, but.
I'd like to be a First Resort and get unlimited energy for a few minutes. I'll require 48 hunters to finish that task.
What should I be hunting as a 41-48 hunter? I want to use the endless energy of crafting the nature runes. But how do you return to Ooglog City to immerse yourself in the pool? Teleport to House tablets can be used to move my home to Brimhaven. There's an altar in the house.
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