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  • Kasım 25, 2021
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Adventurer, what do you want? Right now, I'm busy. Do you have any suggestions? Do you possess the traits of a Fearsome Fearless Fighter? Yes, I do. You look like the perfect man for the job..... go speak with my accomplice, Varce.
You can find him in the City of The Gladiators. Is that you? Near Ardougne. Continue to the left of Yanille and then to the Docks of Feldip Hills. There is a man waiting for a vessel to return to the Gladiator's City.
Visit Feldip Hills at the Docks. Varce will be right there. I'm sorry Adventurer. I'm not in the mood at the moment to talk. Ivan wrote to me an email. He said I would be the ideal candidate to take on "The Job". You seem to be. I'll explain the tale. Oh! Storytime!
In the past, Long Ago when our ancestral ancestors explored Gilenor there were a few who were driven to eliminate the evils that lurked in Gilenor. These warriors were referred to as Gladiators. Gladiators constructed a city on an unnamed island. Gladia was its name. Gladia is a wonderful gladiator who gave me all I know was my hero.
In his final days, Gladia left me this blade. This blade was used kill the Demonic Gladiators. The Demonic Gladiators became mad when they were made to drink from the Chalice of Eternity. It made them mad and made them live for eternity, until they were killed by a great warrior. I was never able to leave, even though I kept the story to myself. Now, I need someone to take this sword and kill them for the sake of Gilenor. You are the only one. I feel that your destiny was to kill great monsters.
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