Oyun Listesi
Once you've defeated the boss zombies, corruption points are earned and can be used to get rewards in the mini-game. The prizes include the Rod of Darkness, a mystical staff that slashes off three quarters of your health and deals poisonous and 25-damage to anyone within five aquares of it (note that this effect only occurs when your health is fully kept up).
Rod of light, A magical staff that locks an identified target for 5 seconds. It takes 1/10 of their health every second. The remaining health is then put onto your hitpoints. I'm not going on any longer, as it's already quite complicated. Leave a comment, constructive criticism, and suggestions on how to improve the idea, tell me what parts of the idea have to be tweaked or taken out all together. And if you like the sound of it, please consider supporting! We are grateful that you took the time to take the time to read this.
The investigation of Detective. Your job is to prove that your client isn't guilty of the charges against them. Some might be charged with burglary, some theft, some fraud, a amount of fraud or even murder. It is essential to collect the evidence and show that you are not guilty in the courtroom within half an hour.
Start point: Seer's Village Court House. Speak to the person who is behind bars. Requirements, King's Ransom, Wanted. Talk to one of the accusers behind bars to get started. They will inform you that they require a lawyer. If you accept to be an attorney, they will inform them what they are accused of and the location. Request one of the guards to drive you to the place the location where the crime took place. You'll have to collect evidence, ranging from a broken window, to the smallest fingerprint.
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