Oyun Listesi
Given the tick change is a huge project at the reach of the full game, has got the idea come up to OSRS gold change it for regions of the runescape game in isolation which would benefit from it the most, such as battle? I'm convinced that's also quite an endeavour to execute, but it would enable slow rollout and an easier time analyzing server stress. Every part of the runescape game divided by altering the tick could be viewed at one at a time rather than all at the same time, together with decreasing returns on which actions benefit in the responsiveness. Of course it's still a big job even then given that supporting only battle to start would also likely require encouraging movement and any other heavily-tied systems even if a fantastic alternative for making this incremental is found.
As for me, I believe that is the best thought Jagex have experienced a really long time. Sure it's taking a page from games such as Path of Exile, but that is a new way for both returning and new runescape players to approach the runescape game. Hopefully these leagues will even help bring out some more upgrades to areas like Zeah, that are notorious for being too large without enough material (although they have expanded on it fairly well since Kebos).
It's PERFECTLY fine should they take pages out of great features from other games with an OSRS twist. Personally, Im quite eager to play with this and that I dont actually care about the rewards! This is the kind of game mode I didnt know I wanted but now I can't wait!! I got back into osrs when I saw swampletics at incident 3. I have seen quite a few individuals say similar items in comments on this subreddit too. I see this as jagex trying to create that experience for the average runescape player with some quality of life and additional goals which is a great thing imo.
This seems good for a first league. It would be amazing to see some speedrunning classes included later on though, such as fastest to finish a solo raid, quickest to hit certain total levels or skill objectives, or perhaps pursuit runs, all based on time logged in such as King of the skill was. Speedrunning classes could function amazingly for osrs with some tweaked fall rates to remove some of the major rng issues inherent to speedrunning stuff on osrs.Has there wasn't any discussion of this type of stuff for prospective leagues?
It basically generates ultra rares that could be worth absurd quantities, and if they give up on leagues, there'll be a limited amount of them in the runescape game forever.They'll probably only integrate the rewards into a few other minigames or some thing. I doubt they're likely to have runescape gamemode die at the moment, and DMM went on forever, so that I don't see why runescape gamemode won't have a chance at the same thing. if you need runescape products, please visit https://www.rsgoldfast.com/