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We chose Endurance Charges and PoE goods Life Leech for our Sunder-Slayer. These may be perfectly combined with this Slayer's talents. Once our issues have been distributed by us, our talent tree now looks like this.
And now finally comes the second we have been waiting for: after investing 85 points in our safety worth, we can freely distribute the remainder to maximize our damage. We use hammers. Following our very first supply, most weapon abilities are located in such a way which you can easily fortify any other weapon that is overburdened. In addition, four jewel sockets are activated by us.
The finished result with 114 points (degree 91) is quite striking. The talent tree is designed in such a manner that we can activate 30 additional wisdom or abilities if we need these attributes for our ability gems and can not be achieved via our equipment.
On the way to this desirable talent points, it may at times be necessary to cover further distances. The fastest routes lead through the basic fields, which offer no bonuses other than 10 strength, intellect or skill.
Don't be afraid to invest these things. On the 1 hand, the base values?? Also offer some developments that you're able to process on your preparation (as an instance, lifestyle and physical harm for strength), on the other hand, talents that are farther away occasionally bring better bonuses.
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