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I don't buy sport games every year, because I do not feel as the graphics/gameplay enhanced that much that warrants purchasing the brand new one annually. However, I love purchasing a recent one years following the previous one I purchased. As an instance, I had 2K16, also 2K20 (before it being free with ps and ) was in a discount and I gave it a shot. Never was somebody who bothered about the MTX part of NBA 2K. I use to play with game games together with friends when they come over. The only real thing I tried played Ultimate team. Loved its concept, but quickly realized you gotta leave a lot of money to be good in it. Stick to the game and you are fine.
As 2K21, I will not receive it. The only reason to purchase the next version is its next gen interface, im curious in what they actually enhanced. That is likely those who don't like the aspect that is grinding. Most of the transactions are for boosts and things to boost your player,the majority of which can be earned through simply playing NBA 2K. And honestly by working hard to receive it spending money to acquire things I believe more of a accomplishment. I myself chose fuck it and I'll purchase NBA 2K for the ps5, as apparently there will be attributes not present in the ps4 ver, as it moves inline with everything I said before.. I will buy a game game new if a it's the very first one for the peticular console, or when there were a significant improvement to NBA 2K... otherwise I would buy used or when available.
Why NBA 2K is currently raising their costs and they will eliminate it
The reason we're seeing 2K do it is because they've NBA 2K that appeals to those out of the hardcore games sector and that's the same reason they will eliminate it. I've seen many that are online are saying that they will boycott NBA 2K, it won't make a difference. The people that are purchasing NBA 2K probably don't understand its going to be expensive on next gen and they most likely don't care. Additionally, most of them do not understand how micro trades that are egregious and uncontrolled are. The business just needed one publisher to pull the lever and then take the brunt of the backlash. It's only a matter of time before other do the same. To be clear, I believe games should raise their prices, I just don't think NBA 2K ought to be the one. Allow me to know what you guys think!
I would not have had a problem with them raising their prices if the ps5 copy was backward compatible with PS4, that's my only problem with the entire thing. They've crunched numbers and have estimated that they will make the most money this way. It's not user friendly and shitty. But companies value money over consumer good will. Costs have gone up in many countries in this generation. America is only the last holdout. Not true.
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