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When asked how microtransactions will probably be implemented into the match, Shely reacted by stating:"It is not clear just yet exactly what form these cosmetic microtransactions might take." Shely added that Diablo 4"won't sell power," meaning that most, if not all, of those microtransactions at Diablo 4 will be limited to decorative items, like skins, and not power-ups that could affect gameplay.
Microtransactions have been a hot debate topic in the market, especially when they're contained in full-priced games that were $60. Fortunately, cosmetic microtransactions do not impact gameplay and, when performed correctly, can provide another revenue stream after launching, which can increase the probability of a company like Blizzard adding additional post-launch content right into a match.
Microtransactions have become such a large issue in gambling that politicians and government agencies across the world have moved to control them. In 2017, Belgium's gambling commission ruled that loot boxes, which users can buy to get a chance at winning in-game perks, are a form of gambling.
BlizzCon was an interesting, odd time, provided that Blizzard was under so much passion regarding its decision about banning a Hearthstone player for expressing support for Hong Kong online flow. It was also supposed to be a response to last year's BlizzCon where the largest thing shown off was a quickly-mocked Diablo cell sport. This year? We'd Overwatch two and Diablo 4 introduction, though without any advice on when either might be released, together with Diablo 4 in particular seeming to be many years away.
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