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In the subsequent compartment is much larger, referred to EFT Roubles as metal tank. With this larger tank, refuel generators can not expect to run 25 hours.
To discover these two tanks, you should simply inspect and guideExpedition is blue, and metal cans are grey.Though goal may be to endure, but to make so much money, can be expected to escape Tarkov there are many different styles of game, you can use. You can chase and kill super strong, if we continue to avoid looting and fighting, or you can remove the others by false outdoors day.
There are a lot of high self-esteem thing, you absolutely need to see under the circumstances as a thief but a few, like the smart folder, go under the radar, despite the fact that they can be worth a couple will exchange one hundred thousand rubles . YouTube user Dirks found several points, the player can discover reserves smart folder on strike map. Despite the fact that they can also be found in the laboratory, Dirks noted that the www.lolga.com cost is certainly not justified, despite the contrast reserve any potential benefits.