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  • Aralık 7, 2020
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Huzhou Nanxun Yintuo Special Material Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the development and production of high-quality stainless steel seamless tubes and nickel-nickel alloys. The production methods of stainless steel seamless pipe are diversified. There are mainly extrusion units, periodic pipe rolling units, pipe jacking units, piercing and rolling (piercing + cold rolling, cold drawing) and other production methods, and a small amount of forging boring is used. ways to produce.
Extrusion unit is the main unit for producing stainless steel seamless pipes in the world. The main production process of hot-processed stainless steel seamless pipes abroad is hot extrusion. Basically, two-roll cross-rolling and piercing are no longer used to provide blank pipe production for cold processing. method. The quality of the products produced by the extrusion method is stable, and the variety is flexible. It can directly produce hot-extruded finished pipes, and can also produce various special-shaped section stainless steel pipes, but the yield rate is low. In order to increase the yield rate, foreign manufacturers have improved the production process: for high-demand varieties, generally use the production process of pre-drilling, hydraulic punching machine reaming and extruding into tubes; for cold-worked raw material pipes that are generally required, they can be used according to specific conditions. According to different production processes, the solid blanks for small-sized steel pipes are directly pierced and extruded into tubes on the vertical hydraulic piercing machine, and the blanks used for medium-sized steel pipes are pre-drilled as much as possible, and the vertical hydraulic piercing machine expands and extrudes into tubes. The billet used for large-size steel pipes is pre-drilled with larger holes and directly enters the extruder to be extruded into a pipe.
The hot working characteristics of stainless steel bring great difficulties to the hot rolling production, especially the cross-rolling piercing process, the tube billet is prone to internal cracks during the rolling process, and this method is generally not used to produce stainless steel seamless tubes in foreign countries. However, in the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, there were only automatic tube rolling mills. In production practice, a set of production technology for hot-rolled stainless steel seamless pipes was gradually summarized, which can be produced on a variety of tube rolling mills, such as automatic tube rolling mills and precision tube rolling mills. , Periodic tube rolling unit, three-roll tube rolling unit, etc. At present, the hot-rolling process of "cross-rolling piercing + tube rolling" used in my country to produce stainless steel seamless pipes is rare in the world.
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