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  • Aralık 14, 2020
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Huzhou Nanxun Yintuo Special Material Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the development and production of high-quality duplex stainless steel pipe, nickel-nickel alloy and seamless pipe for sale.
In terms of product specifications, the general use of medium and small diameter stainless steel pipes is greater than the demand, large diameter and high demand stainless steel pipes. In order to meet the needs of the increasing popularity and application of duplex stainless steel, my country's iron and steel enterprises have also continued to increase R&D and production in this area.
Chemical and petrochemical processing industry: The chemical industry is an earlier and more application of duplex stainless steel. The catalyst tube of the medium and small methanol synthesis reactor adopts duplex stainless steel, the large and medium-sized device adopts 2205 steel pipe, and the imported tube is mostly adopted.
Petroleum and natural gas industry: This is one of the main applications of duplex stainless steel in foreign countries. The production of small duplex stainless steel welded pipes is relatively mature in China, but the production process of larger seamless pipes and welded pipes needs to be developed . In addition, how to reduce the price of duplex stainless steel products is also related to the development of domestic duplex stainless steel. It is important to expand production and produce suitable products, but it is important to adopt new technologies and new technologies, replacing metallic molybdenum with molybdate balls, and replacing metallic nickel with nickel oxide, to reduce smelting costs, promote duplex stainless steel continuous casting technology, and increase product yield Waiting cannot be ignored.
We are constantly moving forward, but we also see the stars and ambitious ambitions. For more information, please contact us: https://www.yintuosteel.com/product/nickel-alloy/n... Wishing you a song in your heart at Christmas and blessings all year long.
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