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Dude that′s not altering anything, that is sorting a wow classic gold inbalance created between pve and pvp, either or rework the pvp rewards so that people arent forced into a PVE path. There is absolutely zero reason to earn players cases that are apparent simply to get geared for pvp. Blizzard know that itemization for PVP was vanilla that is highly unfair and so individuals can enjoy the vanilla match any way that they 29, it needs to be adressed to. I shouldnt be at a massive disadvantage just because I dont want to clear all that content (again). Already did this once and I′m going into vanilla WoW Classic again to attempt to avoid the grind that feels WoW Classic now. Even if I opt to mill, there should be 2 clear avenues (pvp/pve) The grand-marshal equipment was another flawed system. Field Marshal was attained by me and gave up on Grand Marshal. And yes I was invited to premades but that strategy wants a huge rework for the WoW Classic release.
Retail has grinds? So that you know in retail the best method to equipment is Mythic raiding and M+ right? Unless u have no less than a 1800 raiting, gearing through pvp isn't viable. So you want if the exact same issue cant be addressed in retail stores them to address/change vanilla? Grinds are part of WoW Classic (regrettably ) but unjust benefits dont need to be. Wether you opt to go PVE or PVP your gear should be quality. And no the"grand marshal equipment mill" is complete garbage, I′m hoping they change it for WoW Classic. Whats the point in Blizzard if everything you want, which makes WoW Classic is a balanced version of the Retail game?
Blizzard announced their plans for Alterac Valley, highlighting it off the 1.12 version of WoW Classic, just as they had said they will for many matters in Classic. I'm very happy that we're getting about Classic, and very excited about what's likely to come in the upcoming few months! Thanks for viewing, and don't forget to subscribe! I am not sure there's a shameful flicker the recording I have in my computer does not have a flicker that is shameful, on the upload , I think it's a issue with how YouTube processed it. I didn't change any of my recording settings or anything, so I'm not certain where it came from.
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