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After the update, every amateur will be auto-assigned a RocketID. The ID consists of the player’s username followed by four randomly-generated numbers. The 4 randomly-generated numbers cannot be changed. However, the username allocation of the name can be afflicted at any point in time.The Accompany Amend will be authoritative its admission in Rocket Alliance on February 19. This affection will accomplish Cross-platform parties a reality. As such, players will be able to accomplice up with anyone behindhand of the belvedere they’re arena the bold in https://www.onlinegameshop.com. This will be done acknowledgment to the RocketID arrangement that Psyonix has implemented.
The RocketID arrangement will be acclimated to advice added appearance that will arise in the Accompany List. The Accompany Account is breach into four tabs: Friends, RocketID, Contempo Players, and Alerts. In addition, the Accompany Tab allows players to see who is online and arena on the accepted platform. The RocketID tab will advice users analysis out who is online on all the platforms.
The Contempo Players tab calmly shows players they were afresh affiliated up with or against. As such, anyone can calmly advanced their admired teammates a Acquaintance Request, even if they are on a altered platform. Finally, the Alerts tab will appearance all the interactions the user had with added players including: Acquaintance Requests, Affair Invites, and Club Invites.
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