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Mayıs 9, 2022
Acid resistant submersible pump is suitable for conveying lubricating oil or properties without solid particles and fibers, non-corrosive, temperature not higher than 80℃, viscosity of 5×10-6~1.5×10-3m2/s (5-1500cSt) Other fluids like lubricating oils and for hydraulic rotating systems. Scope of application Can be used as transmission, booster pump in oil delivery system; It can be used as a fuel pump for delivery, pressurization and injection in the fuel system; It can be used as a hydraulic pump to provide hydraulic power in the hydraulic transmission system; In all industrial fields, it can be used as a lubricating oil pump; acid resistant submersible pump https://www.luolintec.com/FWY-type-wear-resistant-submerged-pump.html

Nisan 13, 2022
In order to make the use of the fsb-l fluoroplastic pump to achieve the expected effect, the flow rate of the fsb-l fluoroplastic pump must be adjusted according to certain methods, and must not be adjusted arbitrarily, otherwise it will affect the performance of the pump and affect the service life of the pump. have a large negative impact. Let's talk about 3 ways to adjust the flow of fsb-l fluoroplastic pump. (1) Install a regulating valve on the pump outlet pipeline to change the valve opening, that is, to change the B value in the pipeline characteristic curve He=A+BQe2, the valve opens large, and the working point is far away from the vertical axis; the valve closes small, the following three The flow rate of the centrifugal pump can be adjusted at the point of operation, and the working point is close to the longitudinal axis. To adjust the flow rate of fsb-l fluoroplastic pump, the advantage of this adjustment method is that the operation is simple and flexible. The disadvantage is that when the valve is closed, the resistance in the pipeline increases, and the energy loss increases, so that the pump cannot work in the rate area, which is uneconomical. The method of changing the valve opening to adjust the flow is mostly used in occasions where the flow adjustment range is not large and often needs to be adjusted. (2) Change the speed of the self-priming pump, that is, change the characteristic curve of the pump. (3) Turning the outer diameter of the impeller also changes the characteristic curve of the pump. The flow rate of the centrifugal pump can be changed by the above two methods. Using these methods to adjust the flow rate within a certain range can ensure that the pump works in the rate area, the energy utilization is more economical, but it is inconvenient, and the flow adjustment range is not large, so it is not widely used. The above is the method to adjust the flow rate of fsb-l fluoroplastic pump, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. fsb-l fluoroplastic pump https://www.luolintec.com/Corrosion-resistant-pump

Mart 7, 2022
  First, the conveying medium is different: we all know that chemical centrifugal pumps are used in the chemical industry, mainly used to convey chemical raw materials with various liquid media such as acid, alkali, corrosiveness and toxicity. The ordinary centrifugal pump can only be used to transport some non-corrosive, acid-alkaline liquid media, such as: clean water, sewage, etc.   Second, the material is different: in the material of the pump, chemical centrifugal pumps are generally made of materials that can resist corrosion, acid and alkali, and the metal is stainless steel, 304, 316, 316L, etc. Non-metal ones are lined with rubber, fluorine and so on. This is mainly to play the role of anti-corrosion. Ordinary centrifugal pumps do not have so many requirements in terms of materials. We must all know that water is not corrosive, so there are not so many requirements in terms of materials, so cast steel or cast iron are generally used. Usually it's just a rust-proof paint on the inside and a paint on the outside.   3. The production process and safety are different: This is a typical difference between chemical centrifugal pumps and ordinary centrifugal pumps. Chemical centrifugal pumps have extremely strict requirements in the production process, because a little problem may will cause serious problems. Not to mention safety, the flow, head and pressure of the pump must not only meet the basic requirements, but also ensure that the pump can achieve safety and performance first.   chemical centrifugal pumps https://www.luolintec.com/Chemical-centrifugal-pump.html