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  • Mart 10, 2021
  • Ekleyen
A computerized embroidery machine is developed on the basis of the computerized sewing machine, which belongs to a kind of clothing machinery and equipment. Sewing machines have been occupying the market before the official development of computerized embroidery machines. With the development of electronic technology, computers began to gradually control mechanical equipment, and computerized sewing machines were born.
Computerized sewing machines began to use microprocessors for four-axis numerical control. Two stepping motors are controlled by the numerical control system to drive the worktable to move in a plane to complete the control of intermittent movement. In addition, the computer sewing machine has also added functional modules such as disconnection detection and data storage to make its work stable and convenient.
Computerized embroidery machines are produced with the development of computerized sewing machines. It adds the embroidery function on the basis of the computer sewing machine, and at the same time, appropriate changes have been made to the original mechanical equipment software and hardware to make it better used in embroidery work.
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