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  • Mart 31, 2021
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Early embroidery machines were used in garment production and embroidery manufacturing. Because embroidery machines had multiple heads and high work efficiency, the number of embroidery machines in garment factories and embroidery factories was not very large. A large garment factory needs thousands of sewing equipment, but only dozens of garment embroidery machines can be used for production.
A new phenomenon in recent years has changed this situation, and textile enterprises have become one of the reasons for the rapid development of the embroidery machine industry.
Many textile companies that produce fabrics are forcing them to find new profit growth points due to lower and lower profits. Many textile companies focus their profit growth points on embroidery: if the price of the solid color fabric is sold at 5CNY/meter, the price after embroidering the pattern can reach 10CNY/meter or even higher, which greatly increases the added value of these companies products.
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