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  • Nisan 21, 2021
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High-end flat embroidery machines generally master the core technology to make the small letters clear 0.2mm stitches are clearly visible, the fabric is wrinkle-free, smooth and delicate, suitable for high-end embroidery brand companies or processing plants. The flat embroidery machine has the following characteristics.
1. Equipped with the original imported high-speed rotating shuttle to reduce the thread breakage rate, 2s high-speed color change, automatic fast motor thread trimming, so that the embroidery thread is clean, feels good, reduces the wrinkle and shrinkage of the embroidery, and the machine is intelligent to reduce manpower and save labor. cost.
2. High-capacity head embroidery, precise lace butt, can realize the head embroidery of large stitches and can be accurately butt, even for the 86-head machine.
3. Rich colors, to meet market demand, and rich embroidery designs to meet the market's multi-color demand.
4. When turning the pattern with sparse stitches, there is no need to pad paper at all, and it can embroider on ultra-thin materials directly to help customers save costs.
5. The high speed is diversified and the added value is improved. The speed can reach 1200 revolutions per minute, which is suitable for the design of a variety of large and small lace products, welcomes the merger and leads the market trend, and enhances the high added value of the enterprise.
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