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  • Nisan 28, 2021
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After decades of development, single head embroidery machines have not only undergone earth-shaking changes in the machine structure and machine efficiency, but also the functions of single-head embroidery machines have become more and more powerful, and the service industry of embroidery machines has become more and more extensive.
Embroidery materials, stitches, craftsmanship, etc. have been updated, and the machine's work efficiency has been greatly improved, satisfying customers' personalized embroidery services.
Due to the small footprint of the single-head embroidery machine, the installation and operation of the machine and subsequent maintenance are convenient. The machine can be customized with 9 needles, 12 needles, and 15 needles according to customer needs. Serve many embroidery industries. Of course, the cost of a single-head embroidery machine is low, which is especially suitable for individual embroidery entrepreneurs:
1. Pet shop-embroider pet clothes according to the owner's preference
2. Sewing shops, clothing custom shops-embroider individual patterns according to customer requirements
3. Trendy and avant-garde clothing store-embroidery of personalized clothing such as ready-to-wear and jeans
4. Travel company-corporate logo embroidery of tour group T-shirts and hats
5. Home textile specialty store-selling all kinds of embroidered home bedding and household items
6. Dry cleaners—provide DIY embroidery to increase the turnover of the entire store
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