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That's your view, and you are entitled to it. Don't make the mistake of supposing it to be some rule for SSB, however. We have absolutely no sign that Sakurai is concerned about the weapons used by every individual character -- and if anything, the very fact that newcomers are using swords in larger numbers now (watch Pit, Meta Knight, and Ike; and that's with hardly over half of the anticipated roster revealed) is an indication that he isn't very concerned about it. Super Smash Brothers isn't Street Fighter -- theres no"unwritten rule" restricting weapons use to a minimal or providing fist-fighters a preference over weapon-wielders.
If anything, it could be argued that the incidence of unarmed fighters would be best balanced out from the inclusion of weapon-users, swords or (that's not an argument I would make myself, but it could be made out of more merit than the argument that there are too many swords-users). Anyway, the simple fact is that swords are the most frequent weapon given to video game heroes, because they're the archetypical heroic weapon --'ve been because the Samurai of Japan and the myths of the knights of Europe. There is no good reason to penalize characters for that. The character's weapon or fighting style of choice is not a good reason to limit them out of SSB; its nothing but pure personal bias.
You know, I get this nowadays most of us recognize Ike and Marth as having completely different playstyles, but as a player who began sometimes playing Brawl in my friend's house, I had a lot of difficulty telling apart Marth out of Ike. With Byleth, even casuals can tell them apart thanks to their strong bow, lance, Warlock Punch-like down particular, and alts, but as a total casual, the only thing I remembered about Ike and Marth out of using them at Subspace was that one of these felt stronger and a little more fun.
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