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Casting is one of the basic processes of modern machinery manufacturing. Since the casting billet is close to forming, the purpose of no processing or a small amount of processing is achieved, the cost is reduced, and the time is shortened to a certain extent. However, Die casting manufacturer wants to have good product quality and must reduce the tendency of casting defects.
The local thick section of the casting must be used as much as possible, and the whole structure should be reinforced to properly strengthen the ribs. Cast holes in the cast wall, strengthen with edges to reduce wall thickness. During the cooling process, the casting structure must be able to shrink as unimpeded as possible. It is necessary to avoid large horizontal planes in castings. In large-area sandwich chambers, such as casting internal waterways and airways, several connecting pillars are needed.
Of course, it is necessary to ensure that the casting has good formability and control the minimum thickness of the casting to exceed the allowable value.
The same is true for OEM aluminum enclosure , which are very important in terms of product quality and molding. chinaweilong.cn
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