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God I love that the OSRS gold, sure they're not perfect but they atleast communicate, play their own game and operate on it with absolute enthusiasm whereas most of the RS3 mods are basically just after rapid cash and don't even play nor care for their own games health. RS3 mods are just after their monthly wage, no'quick money' lmao, which goes to the shareholders.
I would not say the RS3 Mods are only after rapid money. From what I've seen, most of the mods you will find excellent and on par with the people from the OSRS Team. It's more that the previous higher-ups place MTX into Runescape and after Runescape becomes built around that, it's hard to return. I am not even certain if the present management likes the condition of RS3, but it wouldn't be great business-wise to ax a major source of revenue. Even if the current investors and these aren't pushing for much more MTX, I doubt they would be happy to have profits go down.
A lot of the RS3 mods are quite clearly enthusiastic and care about Runescape. The matter is not the mods it's the direction and higher ups, who likely only care for profit. They don't give a crap what the mods and community have to say about the condition of Runescape if their paperwork is telling them that what they are doing is making them more gain than ever before.I know a lot of people still enjoying it and they are pretty much all hardcore PvMers, and it isn't so much they"defend it" (most of them talk about how rubbish the state of Runescape is all of the time) it's more that it simply does not impede their pleasure of Runescape much. Ontop of that there is not any games offering the exact same PvM experience so they're sort of stuck.
Generally they shit on it. Speaking for myself only as an RS3 player that follows OSRS only through some YouTubers, it's only penis envy in videogame form. The neighborhood as a whole is frustrated by Jagex and the only core groups that remain are oldfucks that are way too heavy in their addiction or sunk cost fallacy to quit Runescape and people that are fine with the leadership Runescape has been taken in.
Our"major" upgrade this week was this MTX building thing and a statement for a livestream where they'd reveal some"strong things". This tweet makes it seem like there was real content in these patch notes also. As an RS3 participant, what do you think it will better than OSRS? I enjoy the pursuit storylines we have and some of the pvm is. In addition, I think invention was a solution.
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