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We can see all kinds of die castings around us, among them aluminum die casting. There are still many applications of Aluminum Die Casting in our lives.
According to the shape of the parting surface, the die-casting parting surface can be divided into four types: straight type, skewed type, stepped type, and curved type. The flat parting surface is simple in structure and easy to manufacture. So it is widely used. For the stepped parting surface, the pouring system is generally set on one stepped surface in between, and the overflow system is set on the other stepped surface, which facilitates the filling and exhaust of the molten metal.
There are many factors to be considered when confirming the parting surface. Therefore, when selecting the parting surface, in addition to the structural characteristics of the aluminum die-casting parts, combined with the arrangement of the pouring system. It should also consider and confirm many factors such as the processing technology and installation technology of aluminum die-casting molds, and the demolding conditions of die-casting parts.
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