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We all know that zinc die casting belongs to metal casting, and metal casting is to inject molten metal into a hollow casting mold made of high-temperature-resistant materials and then obtain a product of the desired shape after condensation. The result is forced conversion.
High-pressure casting can fill the mold quickly, with high production efficiency, good product density, high hardness, and good surface finish. It can produce relatively thin parts with thick walls. At the same time, due to the filling of high-pressure air, there are more gases involved in the product, which is easy to be in the product. Porosity is formed inside, so heat treatment cannot be carried out (heat treatment of internal gas will expand, causing defects such as product expansion or cracks) and post-over processing (avoid passing through the dense surface layer, exposing subcutaneous pores, zinc alloy die casting waste).
And lead die casting is also a kind of metal casting, with its obvious advantages and applications, which is different from zinc die casting. chinaweilong.cn
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