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  • Haziran 10, 2021
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Today we will briefly introduce the main features of the double-head embroidery machine:
One machine for multiple embroidery
·Possesses various usages such as flat embroidery, cap embroidery, and garment embroidery
·High-definition true color 10.4-inch touch screen
·Maximum embroidery area 350*550mm (14*20 in)
·Using high-quality frame and casters, stable and flexible
·Intelligent disconnection detection
·The fastest speed is 1200SPM
·The pattern storage space is 100 million stitches, and the automatic color-changing sequence can reach 1000 times
·The best choice for home and industry
Intelligent Technology
·USB disk input and output operations
·Can read a variety of pattern formats (such as: DST, DSB, etc.)
·Can be connected via network cable or wireless network
·270°wide-angle cap embroidery system
·Automatic color change, pattern preview
·Spindle Servo Motor
·AC110V-220V, 50/60Hz input voltage adaptive
·X/Y axis adopts 36V micro stepping motor, which reduces noise and vibration
·The operating head bracket can be rotated and adjusted at multiple angles
For more product information, please click here: https://www.zhiyuembroiderymachine.com/product/sin...
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