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He will then make you a sign of the region you select. Wear the symbol and you will have the ability to pass in your region by the palace. To identify what region you belong to, just choose the doorway of their color. If you aren't sporting the symbol or you're wearing the symbol but you don't belong to the area, the guards will stop you. You cannot un-equip your symbol while in your area.
Go back up to the ship and Speak to Captain Murk and congratulations! Quest complete! Rewards: 7,000 magical XP, 12,000 strength and assault XP and access to Mogrin by speaking to Captain Murk to sail you ! (Should you lose your symbol, speak with a guard beyond Mogrin to get one or if you lose your orb, speak to Tarren to receive it back.)
Your region will have more of whatever your region believes in, so if you're in the Yun'lar area, it will have more advanced defence and also have more shields or armor to buy from the mogre dealers and will also have mogre armor, even in Lannar you will have mogre weapons and also have more weapons to purchase from traders, Lu'tog will possess mogre toxin (a poison that could hit up to 13) and much more poisoned weapons and Narran will have an under-water agility program and special mogre suits that will increase your luck in agility (you won't fail an obstruction as much)
Each region has it's own minigame, Lannar has an assault minigame in which you kill other players and the players drop tickets and nothing else, (even if they have other stuff) the players respawn and once time is the player with the most kills gets double their tickets, and the only means to get mogre weapons would be to exchange tickets to get themLu'tog has a poisoning mini game where one person poisons another and cannot attack until the participant dies from poison, the participant drops only ticket no matter what they have, the player with the most kills gets twice there tickets, the tickets are the only way to acquire mogre poison, mogre toxin + and mogre toxin ++ to use weapons.
He will then make you a sign of the region you select
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