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  • Haziran 11, 2021
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My goal right here is to offer the reader with an information of anime and manga cosplay, cosplayers, and their social structures. First, I discover the starting place testimonies of cosplay to set up contributions from each Japan and North America.With the effective lights that suggests the majesty of the individual, naokimanBB's Vision is pretty profound.
Next, I speak the distinguishing traits of Japanese and North American cosplay to decide the similarities and variations among the 2 cultural settings. I contextualize 4 cosplay elements: (1) anime and manga cosplayers, (2) social settings, (3) individual and role-gambling, and (4) dress, which incorporates apparel or costumes, make-up, wigs or hairstyles, jewelry, and accessories. Last, I provide an advent to the anime and manga cosplay social structures (i.e., interactions, environments, and reports) as a way to offer the reader with an consciousness of the complexities and dynamics of the cosplay global.
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