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  • Temmuz 1, 2021
  • Ekleyen
Zhuji Zhiyu Machinery Co., Ltd. briefly introduces the relevant information of cap embroidery machine.
It is widely used in finished hats, garment pullovers and embroidery samples.
Main technical performance and characteristics:
The same machine is suitable for flat embroidery, cap embroidery, and garment embroidery
Garment embroidery: various sizes of frames can be provided according to different embroidery requirements on T-shirts, sweaters or other types of clothes
Flat embroidery: the use of the frame can provide convenient and large-area embroidery for all kinds of embroidery
Hat embroidery: 360-degree embroidery can be carried out around the hat,
Shoe embroidery: use the Xie embroidery device to embroider the finished shoes
Optional 9/12/15/18 pin
Maximum speed 1200rpm
The maximum embroidery range of a single head is 400*1200mm,
Advanced mute system
Support various additional devices
Support embroidery machine network management system
Simple operation, easy to move
support multi-languauge,
Support multi-task operation
Support networking function, multiple embroidery machines can be networked at the same time to establish a convenient production system.
For more product information, please click here: https://www.zhiyuembroiderymachine.com/product/hat...