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The furnaces in Runescape are a great way to extract ore. 65 Smithing is required to obtain a Magic Bar. Take the gem and then cut it. You will need to craft 50 pieces of the gem. Then string it with the magic string. The result is the Magic Amulet. You can then make use of the ashes that you collect from killing demons to embellish the gem. Once you've got this, you'll be able to create an Demonic Amulet. (55 Magic Required) and then you can wear it. Return to King Narode, and talk to him.
King NarodeShareen: Have you visited Zooknock? Yes. And? He gave me the equipment needed to create this Demonic Amulet. Excellent, excellent. I'm sure you'll require a lesson regarding demons. Glough is an expert on demons even when he's a backstabbing deceiver. Stop by and visit however I'm sure he won't be easy to convince.
Go to Glough’s house. Hello th- Oh its just YOU. Yes, just ME. We must stop snarking. What's the reason you're here? Tell me more about the demons. It's impossible! Are you certain? No way! Okay, then. You should bring your Ring of Charos, (a) and speak to Glough once again. Do you want to tell me what happened? Yes. Ok, now tell me about Demons. To become a Dark Wizard or have dark magic abilities, you'll require one. These words are enough.
Glough writes words on a piece Papyrus. Then he returns it to you. Glough snaps out of it. It is imperative to get out before he realizes you are there. After he reaches 0, he will speak to you. Oh! What are you looking for? Please help me.
You hand over the Papyrus to him. This spell isn't yours. However, I will need 40 Air Runes and 20 Death Runes. This is. Now, just be patient. Now, take off your Demonic Amulet. Are you ready? Lets get on with it.
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