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Whether disposable masks can be anti-virus can not be generalized, it depends on what kind of disposable masks, that is to say, not all disposable masks can be anti-virus. But generally speaking, as long as it is purchased through formal channels and meets national standards, medical disposable masks can effectively block the virus. These disposable masks include common disposable medical surgical masks and medical protective masks (N95, N99 protective masks). Masks) and so on.
However, it should be pointed out that the general population wearing disposable medical surgical masks can prevent the cross-spread of the virus. Medical protective masks are the masks with the highest level of protection. Professional masks such as N95 and N99 masks should be reserved for frontline medical personnel.
However, both disposable medical surgical masks and protective masks need to be replaced regularly. In addition, in addition to wearing disposable medical masks correctly, in the current stage of epidemic prevention and control, ordinary people should also pay attention to good personal hygiene, wash their hands frequently and properly, avoid gatherings, and visit public places, home or office. Places often open windows for ventilation and keep indoors clean, etc., so that the virus can be effectively blocked and the further spread of the disease can be reduced.
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