Oyun Listesi
We were in a racist discussion and spamming the chat room at the time that Level 116 started speaking. Within a few seconds, the chamber was empty. What was the ?.... motive? Level 116 was a mod! The sight of the silver crown made half the room swarm with red and bleu ribbons. The people were teleported and logged.
After a wonderful chat with mr. mod, he told me that i wasn't one of those people who received lovely messages from jagex. It wasn't my fault. Let me know what you think. (p.s. I have a few videos on my computer, so I may add it to youtube in the future.
It has been known for months that a new skill in RuneScape will be released this year. Millions on millions of players have speculated and thousands on thousand of threads have been created about it. But this is my first post about the subject. Are you behind? Are you tired? Ready for a new set of pink slippers? Although it might be, I believe you'll find this post to be fascinating.
Jagex answered many questions regarding the new skill in the Q&A thread. We were able, however to eliminate some of the requirements from the answers of Jagex. It is possible to identify the type of skill with these criteria. Because no one seems to know what the new skill is at present, this could be useful.
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