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  • Ocak 15, 2022
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Rocket League‘s Halloween occasion is teeming with ghosts, but assistance is at the manner. Players can get their arms at the Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1 Battle-Car by shopping it on the Item Shop—however best for two days.
The vehicle rotates out of the store at about 3pm CT on Oct. 23, while it’ll give https://www.lolga.com/ way to the Stay Puft purpose explosion, additionally inspired with the aid of the Ghostbusters franchise.
The Ghostbusters’ signature vehicle is on the store for 500 Credits ($4.Ninety nine) and springs in editions: pink and blue. It makes use of a Dominus hitbox, in line with Rocket League‘s help web page, and players who use a Dominus (or comparable) have to find adopting the Ecto-1 a reasonably easy system.
The car became part of the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Car Pack, which offered one by one on numerous shop fronts. The package came with the Ecto-1, the Slimer topper, and the Stay Puft purpose explosion, which rotates into the Item Shop on Oct. 23
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