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Everyone knows about the depth of the renovation, but what makes people unexpected is that the renovation is a pit in one step! Today we will talk about how to choose custom curtains. Some people have questions, why not just buy a curtain cloth? What else could be tricky? Let's take a deep dive today!
Common curtain crafts
① Embroidery: Embroidery on cloth is a common process for us. This process is superimposed on a cloth, and it costs about 10~20 yuan per meter. Machine embroidery.
②Cation embossing: This process looks tall, but the cost of embossing is only 1~2 yuan each time.
③Black silk shading: Black silk shading, as the name implies, has a good shading effect. If you have high requirements for light in the bedroom, you can choose fabrics with this process.
Is there a big difference between buying curtains online and buying curtains offline?
Now that e-commerce is so developed, things that could only be bought in brick-and-mortar stores can be seen everywhere online. In this regard, we can say that the difference is not really big.
① Price
Although online stores do not have the rent of physical stores, this does not prevent them from making more money by virtue of this advantage. In addition, offline physical stores generally calculate fabrics and accessories separately, and some online stores are packaged and calculated together. You need to analyze the specific situation. The quality that is too cheap on the Internet must not pass, and you get what you get for every penny. This is the truth.
② Installation
When you choose an online store, you will generally consider the delivery and installation, mainly the installation of the track. But basically, as long as you are a decorator, you can follow the track, which is not difficult. If you choose to buy custom curtains from an online store, just say hello to your home decorator and you're done. If you really can't, it's not a big problem to call a local door-to-door service. And some online stores now provide local door-to-door installation.
How to calculate the size of curtains when buying curtains at home?
Curtain size seems to be a problem that troubles everyone, especially those who want to buy curtain fabrics online. For example, the curtains need to be pleated. Who knows how to make the pleats when they first come into contact with them?
Curtains are generally divided into these types of installation methods, one is for the whole wall, the other is for windows only, and half (such as bay windows).
You can measure the height yourself, the key is the width.
Many people go to the store and the salesperson will say that the curtains are more pleasing to look good, but it is not. Generally, the folds of curtains are between 1.5-2 times, and the average merchants default to 2 times. But 2 times the effect is really good, if you have a small budget, 1.5 times is not bad.
If your home only makes window screens, you can consider 3 times. Because the window screen is thinner, the light transmission is stronger, and the more folds, the better the shielding.
If you need to buy curtains, please contact our curtain factory!
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