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Getting the Plague Doctor skin in Back 4 Blood will take a little bit of good timing and gathering Skull Totems. Because of this, you will need to either own the first expansion for the game, Tunnels of Terror, or be playing with a friend. When you enter Ridden Hives, you can collect up to three Skull Totems and need to escape with them for them to be added to your account.
This is the most recent skin that was added to the game through the recent update, highlighting that since the customization option arrived for this game it has been something very remarkable with the incredible outfits that we have access to, making customization of an important feature, now to know How to get the plague doctor costume cosmetics it is necessary to pay attention to the indications that will be presented in this guide below, let's see them.
Back 4 Blood: Where to obtain the Plague Doctor outfit
For starters, players will need to pick up the Tunnels of Terror DLC, the first expansion for Back 4 Blood. It incorporates a new type of content called Ridden Hives. These tunnels of meat are accessible while playing the story missions, though they are random. The best way to find them, however, is to use Heng as he can highlight them, even from a great distance.
Once inside Ridden Hives, players will have to search far and wide for Skull Totems. These act as both currency and a weapon. The trick, however, is that Skull Totems must be held when the level ends so that it’s added to your inventory.
Before you can purchase it, you first have to buy everything in line before it, so we recommend first focusing on the Skull Totems because the skin alone costs 13 Totems. The other items will take at least 15, so to be safe, we would recommend grabbing at least 30 Skull Totems before you start watching the Supply Lines like a hawk.
We can conclude that knowing how to get the plague doctor outfit cosmetics is easier than thought, you just have to follow the guidelines that will allow us to achieve it in Back 4 Blood.
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