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Are pet wipes a survival necessity? Can it be replaced with cheaper baby wipes? My answer is yes! purchase! Pet wipes must buy! So, let's discuss today, why it is recommended to buy pet wipes?
1. PH value
This topic has become a commonplace, from dog shampoo to eye wash and ear drops. Everyone will be popularized, if the pH value is not correct, it will make the dog's skin feel itchy and uncomfortable. The same is true for wet wipes, where there is a difference in pH between the wipes used by humans and those used by dogs. So, if you want to use it, use the right one. in order to better avoid problems.
2. Usage scenarios
In some cases, dogs are not suitable for bathing. Such as pregnant dogs, menstrual dogs, puppies and older dogs. Just because they're not suitable for bathing doesn't mean they won't get themselves dirty. Although there is also an artifact such as disposable foam, for local dirt, it is more convenient to wipe off directly with a wet paper towel than to use disposable foam. Although the wet towel can replace some of the functions, the effect of deodorization and sterilization is still inferior to that of the wet towel.
3. Easy to use
One of the great things about wet wipes is that you can use them whenever you want, and you can throw them in the trash when you're done. The whole process can be done in one go. After walking the dog home every day, take a few wet wipes and wipe your dog against the fur. This will clean the dog's body well and save a lot of time.
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