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I worked in a sex shop in my 20s, I tried a sex dolls for sale, and I've dated a lot of women since then. Not surprising, but a little frustrating.
So the doll body is perfect and everything is perfect. Big ass, big tits, everything is great.
The problem is that the mini anime sex doll is not a real woman.
It is not warm and does not heat itself. You have to put the heated blanket on it for an hour before your hands so it doesn't feel like you're wringing the corpse.
You can also buy a wand, lubricate it and put it in the hole of the mini anime sex doll to heat it up.
The beauty of having sex with real people is that you get feedback from pleasing them. The smell of a woman's sweat during sex, the warmth, the sound, the skin-to-skin contact, the communication and the little things she does, like she wraps her legs around you when you go deep.
Dolls don't have these.
So what is the use of mini sex doll in my opinion?
Sex is important, everyone loves it, but people's judgment is terrible. It's really sweet to say the annoying "there's one for everyone", but the reality is, there isn't.
People with ugly butts still want to sleep with hot people. They don't want to sleep with other ugly people. So, use the mini sex doll to make your rock 'n' roll a good choice.
Some are devastated by rejection and never get over it. Maybe they think they don't "fit" the others.
Then, yes, buy a flat chested sex dolls.
I would say that with the rise of the upcoming sex robot, someone will figure out a way to use it to make a sex doll that can walk, talk and move around, and the date is over. Modern women with abusive attitudes can never compete with robotic sex doll companions.
But it's just me. You all have to make your own choices in this matter.
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