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In our daily life, cleaning the Fan Shell Mould socket is often forgotten by many people, and it often takes ten days and a half to remember to clean it, and at this time it has been "disgraced". "Too much dust in the socket can easily cause poor contact. In severe cases, it will lead to local heating. If the temperature rises to a certain level, the socket will be deformed, and a few will cause a short circuit and cause a fire." Lu Jianguo, director of the Comprehensive Inspection Department of the Inspection Center, reminded.
Similar to Fan Shell Mould, it should be cleaned every three or four days. But people who love to clean like to wipe the Fan Shell Mould with a wet rag. Lu Jianguo emphasized that this is a big no-no, because the moisture on the rag will make the socket wet, and plug it in immediately after wiping, which will easily cause a short circuit. It is best to vacuum the dust out of the socket, or turn the socket upside down, pat the bottom lightly, and then wipe the surface with a dry cloth. "Be sure to tap lightly." Lu Jianguo said, re-patting or simply knocking the socket on the ground will damage the parts inside.
In fact, many sockets now have some dust-proof measures inside. Therefore, Fan Shell Mould only needs to be cleaned regularly if it is in a dry, clean environment. It is best to use a socket with a waterproof cover in the bathroom, because the water vapor may make dust, hair, etc. become conductors and form an electrified state. Some people call this "conducting pollution". In addition, the power plug that has not been unplugged for a long time should also be cleaned frequently, otherwise it is easy to produce "contamination and conduction".
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