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How to Tighten Cam Buckle Straps With Hooks Suppliers' Cam Buckle Straps Instructions
1). Press the release lever to open the cam buckle.
2). Slide the straps in and out of the front of the Cam Buckle hardware. – Do not feed from the front of the shoulder strap.
3). Tighten the excess slack to the strength required for the cargo.
4). Once your cam buckle straps have reached the desired strength, make sure the cam buckle hardware is fully closed and you are ready to go!
How to Release the Cam Buckle Strap Instructions
1). When you reach your next destination and are ready to release your cargo, simply open the cam buckle hardware fully.
2). Next, pull the webbing back through the cam buckle to loosen the excess slack to release the webbing.
3). Once done, you can store these straps in a safe and dry place for use at different points in time.
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