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Nowadays, the replacement of household appliances is really fast. In the past few years, the traditional corded vacuum cleaner market was still very popular, but in recent years, since the cordless vacuum cleaner entered people's eyes, everyone began to quickly start. Because the cordless vacuum cleaner is really easy to use, and it is not tied down. Today, I will introduce to you what problems you need to pay attention to when purchasing a cordless vacuum cleaner!
1. Is the brush head fully equipped?
Equipped with a full-featured brush head accessory means that the cordless vacuum cleaner is more powerful, allowing you to efficiently clean every hard-to-clean dead spot in your home.
2. With or without electric floor brush
The electric floor brush drives the floor brush through an independent motor. The brush head runs at high speed to easily roll up dust and garbage, and at the same time remove the dirt on the ground deeply, which can absorb more dust and vacuum more thoroughly than traditional wired vacuum cleaners.
3. How about the quality of the battery
Some of the inferior batteries on the market have very short lifespans and their capacity to hold power decreases over time. Cordless vacuum cleaners rely on battery charging to maintain work, so the battery's storage capacity directly affects the consumer's experience. A "powerful" cordless vacuum cleaner that can last for at least 20 minutes of cleaning time after a full charge.
Fourth, whether the filter system
Suction power is the primary consideration when purchasing a vacuum cleaner. Cyclone technology directly affects the suction power of cordless vacuum cleaners. Some cordless vacuum cleaners on the market have sharp dust bags and HEPA filtration, which are easy to block the dust bag, resulting in weak suction. The cordless vacuum cleaner with cyclone technology realizes the complete separation of dust and air through high-speed operation, and the suction power is strong and does not drop.
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