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  • Haziran 23, 2022
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While it's still not a 100% certain the odds are pretty good there's no doubt that Madden 23 coins will be coming out. The fact that rumors have already started to surface about who is going to be featured on the cover and what will be in the game isn't positive for Electronic Arts. The popular backlash that fans have experienced when it occurred to Madden nfl 22 is no secret. Even EA itself admitted that people were not happy with the final game at the time it went on sale. If EA wants to avoid another backlash in the future it's going to have to make concrete changes to a variety of aspects.
It's not a surprise to find a company that's been around for as many years as Madden NFL is getting a little dull in the present. However, there are other sports games that have been around for almost since the beginning of time that don't see the same level of enthusiasm when new versions are released. Fans require something to be excited about, and real improvement could help.
The Franchise's Face Needs A Facelift
When the Face of the Franchise mode first appeared during Madden NFL 20. It was actually a pretty inventive option. Like what is offered by the NBA 2K franchise has offered for a few months, the mode allowed users to "live the daily life" of a rising prospect becoming an NFL superstar. Yes, there was an option to play actual football games or at least parts of, but the focus was more on the cinematic elements. In spite of that the sequel to the mode lost a amount of its appeal. The story was less engaging and the freshness faded quickly.
It's likely a given that EA will look to tweak the mode, but it might be better served to remove it entirely. Even if it is better than the previous version, players will be focused quite a bit more on the other options Madden nfl 23 have to offer. If Electronic Arts do bring it back for a third straight year, there should be some changes, particularly regarding the narrative. One of the major criticisms of Madden 22's version is that the underlying story felt a little too unrealistic, and like something that forced players to follow the character who was a bit of an idiot. If EA plans to make the mode available again, quite a bit more consideration should be given to creating a story that's appealing.
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