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How to keep needles on a real Pine Needle Christmas Trees Suppliers' Christmas tree?
Naturally, your tree will lose a few pins here and there before the holidays are over. But to prevent massive needle drop, keep the tree hydrated and away from heat and drafts.
Your tree stand should always have water. You don't want the basin to run out of water, as the tree may seal its bottom with sap, which greatly reduces its ability to absorb water. Be sure to fill up your tree stand every day to make sure this doesn't happen. No need to add any preservatives to the water.
While you may love being warm and toasty in the winter, your Christmas tree doesn't! Stay away from any heating vents, fireplaces, radiators or windows that bring in a lot of sunlight.
You can even choose smaller or LED lights on the tree. Since they produce less heat, they are less likely to dry out the tree.
Can I save a dying Christmas tree with brown needles?
If you pay attention to the tips above, your Christmas tree should look good for about five weeks.
But all live Christmas trees have a shelf life that will come earlier if your tree doesn't have enough water.
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