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Small batch injection molding vs conventional injection molding at Auto Parts Mould Factory
One of the main differences between low-volume injection molding and traditional injection molding is production speed. Traditional injection molding is slower than small batch injection molding. Traditional injection molding also adds more complexity to the mold design, which increases the time it takes to manufacture the part. Therefore, opting for low-volume injection molding has a number of key advantages over traditional methods.
Advantages of Small Batch Injection Molding
Some of the key advantages of low-volume injection molding include:
Tooling costs: In many cases, low volume manufacturing has lower overhead costs. Additionally, low-volume molds are often cut from high-quality aluminum, which is easier to manufacture and modify than other types of metals.
Fast production: injection molding usually takes 1-3 days for small batches, 3-4 weeks for medium batches, and 4-8 weeks for large batches. Rapid production of such parts enables faster order fulfillment in time-critical markets.
Inventory management requires more storage space, wastes inventory due to handling unsold products, and reduces productivity. Small batch injection molding can help condition your inventory by providing you with a range of products closer to your desired quantity.
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