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5 Keys to Air Tool Safety from Pneumatic Tools Suppliers
#1 – Learn Before Shooting
Respecting your tools starts with a solid working knowledge of how they operate. Before using any tool, please take the time to read the operator's manual
#2 – Wear your safety glasses. . . and other personal protective equipment (PPE)
Before you pick up the tool, make sure you are wearing safety glasses. A small piece of flying wood or debris can cause significant damage. Also, if your site requires safety shoes, hard hats, hearing protection or other safety equipment, make sure you are using them.
#3 – Check compressor air pressure and drain it regularly
With air tools, the power source - air - can be delivered at different pressures and flow rates. If the pressure/flow exceeds the manufacturer's rating marked on the tool, it may transmit excessive torque or other forces that the bumper and other internal components cannot handle. In extreme cases, there is a risk of the tool bursting. Adjust the air pressure regulator to the manufacturer's rating before starting work.
#4 – Watch where you point; keep fingers away from triggers; unplug when not in use
Some precautions should be second nature. Always point the tool down when not in use. Don't put your finger on the trigger when not firing. Disconnect the compressor when leaving your tool unattended, going up and down a ladder or staircase, handing the tool to a colleague, or clearing stuck nails. Also, be aware of items behind or under the work surface and keep your hands away from these areas when operating tools, as cold fasteners can inadvertently pass through or protrude from the material.
#5 – Don’t tamper with security features
Last but not least, you should never change the trigger or safety features on an air tool. This includes things like removing the spring from the safety contact or tying or tapering the trigger so it doesn't need to be pressed. Make this your day job to ensure triggers and safety elements move freely and that all screws and covers are securely fastened.
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