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  • Temmuz 16, 2022
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World of Warcraft Classic TBC Patch 9.2 introduced the possibility to carry two legendary items to your character. This change came since players could only carry one legendary equipped at any given time prior to the introduction of wow tbc classic gold, generally forcing players to select the power of their legend they wish to have for the duration of the expansion's.
However, as of Patch 9.2 players are now able to have two items that are legendary. This gives their character even more strength and a burst of flexibility when it comes to their legendary powers. Here's how you can equip Two legendary equipment with WoW: World of Warcraft Classic TBC Patch 9.2.
To acquire two legendary items and two legendary weapons, you have to go through the seventh chapter in the Patch 9.2 campaign. After you've completed the quest "Souls Interspersed" in section "Starting With" it will reward you with an legendary belt fitting for the character's armor class. This belt will be at level 265 and carry the Unity legendary power.
Every player's second legendary power will be Unity which increases the covenant power you choose. You can't mix and match two legendary powers you already have from earlier World of Warcraft Classic TBC patches. One must be Unity, which is the new added Unity and the second must be legendary powers that existed before the World of Warcraft Classic TBC expansion.
Unfortunately, you can't upgrade the legendary belt awarded to you when you complete your Zereth Mortis campaign. This item is locked hard at level 265 on the item. However, you can purchase the Memory of Unity from Vilo the Quartermaster of Enlightenment. Vilo can be found in Haven where the Memory of Unity is available to purchase by paying 500 Cosmic Flux when your character reaches Revered with The Enlightened Faction.
That Memory of Unity can be placed on any base legendary item , and can upgrade to high level. The Memory of Unity can be rune-carved into an item in every armor slot.
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