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  • Temmuz 19, 2022
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Then welcome to Memory Card. Here, we embark on one last--and possibly fatal--playthrough the forgotten games of our past. Similar to the days of old it's possible that we'll pull a few all nighters, we might lose a couple of friends even drinking too many Hot Pockets. Let's find out how far our lives have made. Or , if we've regressed.
Back in the early aughts when the global internet set the world of gaming with LAN parties, a new kind of experience that was fantasy came to light as the MMORPG or Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, for you noobs.
These were games like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars which let you communicate and explore with other players from all over the world, and all you needed was an internet connection. My favorite fantastical substance of choice was RuneScape it was a game that was played with my brother and me teaming up to slay the Corporeal Beast and to learn how to cook monkfish in a stunning way as well as play a few games of Gnome Ball.
That time of getting back from school and jumping on the computer shared with us, and later our own computers but leaving our bedroom doors open to shout out strategies and beg for gold were one of the most memorable experiences I have had as a child.
I've sporadically kept up with RuneScape throughout the years to make sure my account from 2005 was in good condition. It wasn't until two months ago, that I received a call from a friend of mine of mine from the *Gamer Squad* that simply read, "I want to play runescape" that I started back on my path to Gielinor.
Like any good MMO, the objective in RuneScape will vary depending on the player. Perhaps you'd like every one of the over 200 quests to solidify your Legendary Hero status. Perhaps you'd like to master at least one of 28 talents required to obtain the legendary Skill Mastery cape. Perhaps you'd like to earn billions of dollars flipping items on the Grand Exchanges.
It's possible to be an a**hole and be killed by people who are seeking to kill you in the wilderness Also. Then there are the mini-games, world events battles, holidays, and duels. Naturally, the sport is huge. It's apparent Jagex hasn't been slow in updating Gielinor. There's plenty of new products, including RuneScape Mobile, which launches on June 17.
It was overwhelming to return to the RuneScape Grand Exchange and see people wearing armor and wielding swords that looked like they could unleash god-killing force to shatter my old, golden dragon armour and the abyssal whip (that'd be amazing if you played back in my day and teen years).
Even the menus were different and the menus were different, but it turned out the folks at Jagex set up a lot of help for players from the past with an old-school menu mode. In a further nod to past gamers, I was ecstatic to learn that when I went to Lumbridge and spoke with Hans, who has been a cult NPC from the start, Hans was able to reward me with five, ten fifteen-year old veteran's cape. The cape of 15 years is something to see; it's got an ember of fire that burns at the top.
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