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The sliding shaft of the mini cement plant is worn for a long time and reaches a certain thickness, the spherical body of the mini cement plant and the tile lining are difficult to combine, and scratches will occur. In general, this kind of situation is mostly because the temperature of the clinker of the hollow shaft is too high, and the temperature of the outer surface of the hollow shaft is also high, which causes the lubricating oil to be too diluted, lose its viscosity, and it is difficult to form a good oil film, causing the bushing and journal. 
The barrel screw and hollow shaft of the mini cement plant are broken. In the process of connecting the barrel and the hollow shaft of the mini cement plant, the barrel needs to have a through hole with the flange, and the pin is connected by a turnbuckle, and the through hole only needs to be connected with ordinary screws. , in which the hinged hole is mainly used for limit and positioning. 
After the mini cement plant runs for a long time, due to thermal expansion and cold contraction, distortion, high temperature corrosion, water vapor corrosion, etc., the matching size of the pin hole and the reaming hole will change, and there will be looseness, which makes it difficult to realize the position limit. 
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