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Based on the first Madden NFL 23 game, the game elements we wanted to improve included the run defense as well as the passing game. We've added a lot of new defensive line moves that are run-specific. In the initial version, we had only moves for D-line players that were specifically designed for passing. The new animations feature players stepping on blocks, and also making final-ditch diving attempts to take on the ballcarrier. To improve the efficiency of the passing game we focused on lead passing and defender recognition. Play-action has proven to be very efficient when it is balanced play-calling. We've added "O movements" to be a feature that influences the cutting of receivers together with spins and jukes moves that keep defenders at bay. This makes receivers even more useful.
Madden NFL 23 seeks to blend high-end gameplay with a some realism.
Our aim with Madden NFL 23 consisted of trying to change the gameplay that was in the initial version Madden NFL 23 out of date. In order to achieve this, we had to introduce new features and make it better than the first version. In the initial version we motion-captured our football stuntmen while they hammered each against walls to make massive attacks. In Madden NFL 23 We wanted to improve the wall's interactions. In our third and final shooting to shoot Madden NFL 23 the team were able to spend a portion of the day filming the wall-catching of a player and running around the wall.
It was a lot of fun as we had the stuntman strung on wires for a great liftoff. I was throwing lots of poor passes, so we could catch several catches at different levels. Recording wall captures and movements in the initial game's development allowed us to include these animations in the game prior to the production for Madden NFL 23. There were some difficulties when working on the wall catch however, this provided us with the opportunity to record more wall animations during an earlier Madden NFL 23 motion-capture shoot.
After the wall up and up to speed, we realized that we had brought something new and enjoyable to the game of football. We looked forward to using the wall's obstacles, jukes, jumps and even passes to the field. We motion-captured every move as well as some off the wall defensive dives that we didn't implement in the final game. Each milestone brought the wall animations was added and each one enhancing the size and complexity of the environment. We had the primary new gameplay element functioning, but there was many more things to complete.
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