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The second major update to World of Warcraft 's Battle for Azeroth expansion is now available. Rise of Azshara is now live, and it introduces many new content and features that will be added to the long-running MMO that include new locales and Heritage armor the mount equipment system, and much more.
One of the most significant enhancements to the game include two new areas that you can explore. The first one is Nazjatar which is the capital city of the naga , and the home of the legendary Azshara which serves as the final adversary in a brand new raid that has eight bosses known as Azshara's Eternal Palace. The second zone that has been added will be the city Mechagon. This is where you'll be able explore a new Mythic difficulty dungeon , dubbed Operation Mechagon, which culminates with a battle against the city's mad King.
World of Warcraft : Rise of Azshara Gameplay - Exploring Nazjatar
Rise of Azshara also introduces the new type of equipment known as Benthic gear which will assist you in your exploits in Nazjatar. When you venture into the Nazjatar capital, you'll find the new soulbound currency called Prismatic Manapearls. These can be traded for Benthic gear, which can be upgraded at least ilvl 425. On top of that Gnomes and the Taurens can begin special quests to earn an exclusive Heritage armor.
Another major change that the update brings is a completely new technology for mounts and equipment. This allows you to modify any mount you want with features, such as you can now equip any mount to walk on water. There are also brand new Pathfinder accomplishments to be completed which will allow you to let your horse fly over Kul Tiras, Zandalar, Mechagon, and Nazjatar.
Beyond this it is that the Heart of Azeroth system features an entirely new option for customization, Essences that can grant your character a variety of different abilities and buffs. Additionally, there's a brand new pet battle dungeon , named Stratholme and a number of other enhancements. More details regarding the Rise of Azshara update on the official World of Warcraft website.
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