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Madden 20 is coming out during the NFL's 100th season. This landmark was celebrated throughout the NFL Draft this year and will continue to be a key feature of the NFL's advertising this year.
A tie-in with that which plays up the rich history of the NFL are a wonderful new game mode that would be comparatively easy to add into Madden 20. Could you recreate The Drive? The NFL has numerous legendary moments, matches, and situations to select from this might be a weekly battle and they would still have plenty to put into Madden 21.
If you appreciated Madden 19, that is great; but anybody that tries to assert it is even close to being a realistic, simulation football match is lying . This might be an exercise in futility considering what we have observed from EA over the previous 15 decades, but these are ten features/changes that could greatly enhance the outlook of Madden 20.
This ought to be the easiest thing in the world to spend the game, and something that I am sure the vast majority of football fans would want. Currently, the only options in franchise mode are proprietor, coach, and player, but doesn't everyone dream of becoming an NFL general manager?
Permit us to join players, run the draft, negotiate transactions, hire coaches, and much more --but with real consequences, including the possibility of getting fired if expectations aren't fulfilled. Plus, I think a wonderful touch would be incorporating different apparel for your personality (like what NBA 2K utilized to do in MyGM), because it seems a whole lot more realistic to have an assortment of suits, ties, sweaters, shoes, etc.. )
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