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For a little context, a simple adamant cast costs 91 bill in Varrock’s Swordshop, while amateur houses ambit from 5,000 to 25,000. The game’s a lot of big-ticket items can run able-bodied into Runescape Gold the hundreds of millions, but acutely that’s annihilation if you can get two billion in Runescape Gold a abandoned drop. However, authoritative players affluent wasn’t the complete problem.
The botheration is Old Academy Bonds. The basal adaptation of OSRS is free-to-play, but a lot of of its agreeable – including abounding abilities and quests – is members-only. You can pay for associates with complete money, but aswell by redeeming Old Academy Bonds, which can be bought with in-gamecurrency.Bond prices fluctuate, but about they bulk a hell of a lot https://www.lolga.com…
unless, of course, there’s a bug that gives you about complete gold. ThisReddit commentsuggests that players did actually bolt on and “redeemed bonds with the money” they got from https://www.lolga.com the bug, concluding, emotively: “OMEGALUL.” Omegalul, indeed.