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"At the draft of aural na?ve, I do anticipate it will happen. Whether or not it'll be anon is accession question. The eventually the bigger for us, and for our fans, and admirers of added abecedarian [...] I do anticipate it's inevitable, I anticipate the industry is traveling to get there, because I don't see the downsides from it."
Not even the aforementioned topic. This commodity is talking about PS4/Xbone cross-play https://www.onlinegameshop.com/rocket-league-items . TokeBuds (your?) catechism was about matchmaking amid PC/PS4, an affair that will be anchored if/when abounding cross-play amid all three platforms is available. Us PC folk can play with either animate seperately, but not both together. It is of advance primarily clandestine matches, but there is a workaround to play unranked with a acquaintance on xbone by analytic for matches with added XB users and accepting the acquaintance accompany the bold through one of the added users profiles. Not abiding if PS4 has the advantage to accompany the bold of anyone not on your friendslist, but for some acumen Xbox one does.
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